The Trust and UK Copyright Law.

The Trustees of The Ivor Gurney Estate (also known as The Ivor Gurney Trust) are the owners of the ‘Ivor Gurney Collection’ deposited in Gloucestershire Archives. The Trust is therefore the copyright holders of all the ‘unpublished’ literary and musical manuscripts held in ‘The Ivor Gurney Collection’. No material held in the Gloucestershire Archives, including all photographic and digital images, may be reproduced without the express written consent of The Ivor Gurney Estate.

NB: Requests for permission to reproduce Gurney’s published poetry should be made in writing to Carcanet Press Ltd.

Guidance Notes for the use of archival material held in the Gloucestershire Archives.

1. Requests to reproduce or use images pertaining to material whose copyright belongs to The Ivor Gurney Estate must be made in writing prior to use (see address below)

2. The Ivor Gurney Estate reserves the right to refuse to supply photocopies or images of copyright materials or to withhold reproduction rights without explanation.

3. All images are protected by international copyright law and subject to the terms of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988 and its subsequent amendments or addenda, and remain the copyright of The Ivor Gurney Estate. They can only be used with their permission for which a fee may be charged. Images cannot be passed on to a third party without written permission of The Ivor Gurney Estate.

4. All images, including, photographs, music, literary extracts and incipits for which permission to reproduce has been granted must be credited with the following copyright notice ‘© Copyright, The Ivor Gurney Estate‘. This right is asserted in accordance with sections 77 & 78 of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988.

5. Permission to use or reproduce is dependent on the full acceptance of the Ivor Gurney Trust’s ‘Terms & Conditions’ (Click HERE )

6. Permission to reproduce may be subject to a charge which must be paid in full. The fee payable covers only the specific occasion detailed on the original application form. The rights granted are non-exclusive. All reprints, further editions or use of photographic material, other than for the purpose for which permission is granted, necessitates a new application to The Ivor Gurney Estate and payment of a further fee. The permission granted and fee paid covers only one reproduction of each copyright image. The multiple use of an image is subject to an additional fee

7. Copyright in all photographs (as defined in the Copyright Act 1956 and the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988) remains the property of The Ivor Gurney Estate, and requires that any publication right created by the publication of previously unpublished, out of copyright material be assigned back to The Ivor Gurney Estate.

Additional guidance notes regarding the above Terms and Conditions.

a) Written permission must be sought in advance for the public performance of any of Ivor Gurney’s ‘unpublished’ musical works. This includes the transmission over a network except by specific and separate agreement with the Trust.

b) Written permission must also be sought in advance from the Trust for any proposed recording of any copyright materials.

c) The publication of any derivative work, including transcriptions of ‘unpublished’ music manuscripts and the extraction, in whole or part of digital images, are expressly forbidden except by specific and separate agreement.

d) Any rental, lease or lending of copyright materials to a third party is expressly forbidden.

e) For commercial publication purposes, all digital copies of the image (except those on the master disk to be used for further production runs) shall be destroyed. No further copies shall be made except those made from the master as a part of the production run to be distributed and sold in any additional production run (see the above Terms and Conditions).

Requests for permission to reproduce or use any material held in ‘The Ivor Gurney Collection’ must be made in writing to:

Mr Ian Venables,
Turrall House,
2 Turrall St,
WR3 8AJ.

All requests must outline the reasons for which permission is sought.