The Future

Erlangen Santiago Sacatepéquez The Future

Ocoyoacac As I have outlined above, the Trust’s short-term objective is to make available in ‘performing editions’ all of Gurney’s ‘unpublished’ songs prior to 1922. Inevitably, this process is a slow one but the Trust will always endeavour, in the first instance, to respond to an individual’s requests for a specific work. If such a request is made, then our editorial team will do its best to prepare and provide a ‘performing edition’. In the longer term, the Trust’s intention is to make available in ‘performing editions’ all of Gurney’s ‘unpublished’ music. Although, we are currently looking into ways in which we can speed up this process, one thing is now clear, and that is, in order to do this the Trust needs further financial assistance. This can often only be achieved through a philanthropic gesture and should such assistance be found the Trust’s needs and objectives will be fully met.

Ian Venables